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Pastel Queen: Desk Set Up

Sometimes the beige aesthetic might not cut it for you. But maybe the bold colors also aren't for you but you want your personality to shine through your work bubble. You want your work space to reflect who you are: Bubbly, colorful, and sweet like cotton candy! I've always felt like pastel colors even though are more prevalent in the Spring time, can work any time of year, especially for your desk aesthetic. Here are a few must haves for an organized, but fabulously sweet work space!

A really easy way to style your desk and add a large amount of color with the placement of one accessory is a desk mat! They take up a lot of space, which is a perfect piece to set the tone of your desk. For this curated set I chose the Armanza Large Mouse Pad Gaming Desk Pad for the simple color combo that allows you to easily find matching decor or accessories. It's adorable, non-slip, and functional. Perfect for your productive work environment!

It's become a fashion statement to have a drawerless desk to keep from clutter and a more minimal aesthetic. To keep all the small desk necessities in order, try a desk top organizer. This one specifically! The Marbrasse Pen Organizer with 2 Drawer, Multi-Functional Pencil Holder is stylish, compact, and has plenty of space for things that don't have a place. It's got room for your pens, notepads, paperclips, and planner or phone.

I don't care what anyone says, (well kind of) but one easy way to spruce up your work space is to add some plants. Succulents to be specific, but even better... fake ones! The Zenmag Artificial Succulent Plants are perfect, pastel, and pink! The gradient effect on the succulent is life-like and make an easy piece to place. These are perfect because if you're in an office or cubicle with little to no sunshine they require absolutely no maintenance!

Okay, if I'm going to swear by one thing, it's a diffuser! This colorful cool mini humidifier and diffuser doesn't take up room, and is a great way to zen out your work space. Candles are great, but can be a potential fire hazard, and who wants the building catching on fire to be your fault?! This one specifically is small, pastel (of course), and is functional! Find the perfect essential oil to up your aromatherapy game in the office or at your home office.

For my productive girlies, you know this one is a must! Productivity levels will sky rocket when you have an open view of your weekly todos. Especially when it's color blocked with beautiful blue or pastel tones! This Weekly Planner Note Pad is reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, and has everything a basic portable planner has. Plus it matches the rest of the accessories listed on this post.

If you're like me, you like your MacBook to be clothed, and of course matching the rest of your desk! A case is an easy way to easily match your MacBook to the rest of your desk aesthetic. This MOSISO MacBook Case will not only protect your MacBook, but is also adorable and pink! Dress your MacBook up and watch your desk space be transformed.

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